The Paper Right


This story about a planet in upheaval. This story about you.

From forest fires to flooding, the effects of a changing climate are everywhere. PaperRight brand helps you protect and restore our forests. It is the biggest and most promising solution to climate change. PaperRight brand is Rewriting The Story of Printer Papers and is committed to improving the health of the environment. Following are a few of the long-term benefits of PaperRight Papers.

Forests for All

Forests are one of the best ways to capture all carbon and mitigate the earth’s rising temperatures, However, HP is proud of its continued drive toward a Forest First future that is focused on protecting, restoring, and improving all the management of forests around the world. Through its zero deforestation commitment, FSC certification, and partnerships with the Arbor Day Foundation and local landowners, HP Papers is ensuring forests are here for generations to come.

Why We Exist


PaperRight was founded with the belief that the reason for our existence is as important as the success we achieve doing what we like to do. It is our fundamental responsibilities toward our customers, vendors, and strategic partners that drive our existing philosophy and shapes all future endeavors.

The desire to facilitate the future generation of small and large business enterprises in the local & International arena fuels our need for constant growth through Innovation you need, Process Reengineering, and Operational Synergies.

Our Best Resource


At PaperRight, Internal stakeholders are as crucial as our customers. The exponential growth in our business operations could be directly attributed to the efforts made by our human resources over the past few decades by constantly evolving and adapting to the changing business environment surrounding this industry.

People are fundamentally at the core of everything we do and a necessary prerequisite for what we want to achieve. It is only by helping our employees realize their potential that we, as a corporate entity, can bring about a meaningful change in the lives of our esteemed customers. Thus, strategic sustainability demands complete adherence to a strong and inclusive culture that is dynamic enough to withstand the threats presented by the ever-changing market forces.

To sustain such strong standards, we at PaperRight enact policies that help our employees to grow both professionally and in a personal capacity. Such policies include the Employee Welfare Initiative, a wide-ranging directive that allows internal partners’ support in case of financial issues and fosters inclusivity by allowing special dispensations for religious events. Our organizational structure aids in the professional development of our multi-faceted staff as new projects and growth initiatives are formulated and implemented on a periodic basis. With zero tolerance toward, religious, racial or ethnic prejudice, we hope to create a working environment that supports our growth ambitions.